Eviction Due To Repairs, Conversion or Demolition

Another of the no-fault applications is the application based on a notice of an intention to perform extensive repairs or renovation, or to demolish the property, or to convert it to a purpose other than residential.

Sometimes landlords decide to get out of the business of being a landlord, or want to convert the building to another lawfully permitted use.  Don’t let the current tenancy stand in your way. 

While these types of applications are not complicated, you can’t afford to get these wrong, as you probably have contractors ready to go, and perhaps are getting the house ready for sale.  If the tenant raises sufficient doubt in the adjudicator’s mind, your plans are in jeopardy!

There are also requirements in some circumstances involving renovation that allow the tenant a right of first refusal to move back in, as well as compensation, but there are exceptions and you need to know what they are. 

Let us guide you through the process of serving the notices, filing the applications and representing you before the Board.