Rent Arrears

The key to keeping tenants on time with their payments, is to take action as soon as rent is late, that is, at the end of the day on which the rent comes due.  Often, just by serving a notice of termination, the tenant realizes the seriousness of the situation and pays the rent.  This sends a signal that you expect that the rent is paid on time.  Serving early also starts the minimum 14 day voiding process that you must wait through prior to filing the application to terminate the tenancy.  Payment of the rent arrears prior to the termination date in the notice voids the notice, and the process ends right then and there.

However, what if the tenant doesn’t pay on receipt of the notice?  It can take 3 months from the time notice is served, until the Sheriff shows up to enforce the eviction.  The sooner you start the process, the sooner you have your unit available for renting.  Often the Board is backlogged, and there is a wait to get a hearing date.  The only way the Sheriff can evict a tenant, is with an order of the Board. 

In many cases, it’s not about getting the money back from tenants in arrears, as in many cases, there is no ability for the tenant to pay.  Some types of income, such as welfare or disability payments, cannot be garnisheed.  In most cases, the Landlord is happy enough to get the tenant out quickly, so that he or she can be replaced with someone who will pay promptly.  Call us as soon as rent is late, and we’ll prepare and serve the proper Board notice for you.