Interference with Reasonable Enjoyment

The Residential Tenancies Act allows a landlord to serve a tenant a notice, and file an application with the Tribunal to evict the tenant, if the tenant has substantially interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the landlord, or of other tenants, or if the tenant has interfered with the landlord’s lawful right.  This includes things like making noise, having dangerous pets, failing to respect terms of the tenancy agreement etc. 

There are a number of elements and complexities in this type of application.  You need our expertise to guide you through to a successful eviction.  Let us discuss the situation with you and decide whether or not to proceed with your claim.  We will interview witnesses and prepare for the case, maximizing your odds of success.  Let us help you understanding the importance of completing the notices properly. 

There are new types of notices for small landlords (3 units or less) living in the same property under the Residential Tenancies Act, that were not available under the predecessor legislation.  We are experts in ensuring that you are using the proper notices, and that they comply with the statutory requirements.  

Notices of termination for interference with enjoyment must be meticulously filled out.  Appeals of Board decisions to the Divisional Court in Ontario have set out stringent requirements, without which, your application is likely to fail despite the tenant’s conduct.  See us first!