Other Grounds for Eviction

There are other grounds for eviction for which you can serve tenants notices, and file applications.  These include the tenant doing damage to the premises, for which you can also claim compensation for the cost of repairing the damage.  Applications for rent arrears or for compensation for damage cannot be filed with the Board if the tenant is not still living in the unit.An order for compensation can be enforced through a procedure in Small Claims Court.  We can advise you how to obtain money through a garnishee, or we can do the procedure for you. 

If there are unauthorized occupants living in the units, and your actual tenants have moved out, we can file applications to end their occupancy of the unit, but you need to act quickly, or the Board will deem that they live there. 

Tenants can be evicted if they misrepresent income, in a rent-geared-to-income situation, or if they overcrowd the premises, if they have dangerous animals in their units and in the complex, and if they are the superintendent and they have ceased to be employed by the Landlord.Let us advise you in all these matters for swift, cost-effective solutions.